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Eco-friendly floss stick
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Eco-friendly floss stick

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65 Compostable Floss Picks per Tube

Our double fiber floss pick sticks are a great choice to get between your teeth before brushing.

The compostable floss pick sticks make their mark with a vegan-friendly PLA-based floss made from cornstarch. Because this floss is technically bioplastic, it is renewable and compostable, but just like BYOJ's vegan floss, however, it isn't home compostable. Instead, it's only compostable at an industrial composting facility.

Floss Pick Sticks

Compostable Floss Pick Sticks are comprised of cornstarch ‘handles’ and short pieces of floss. This relatively new invention has gained a bit of popularity as a convenient one-handed method of flossing, but are floss picks really a good alternative to regular dental floss?


  • Floss picks are readily available, which encourages people to floss
  • Floss pick handles are easier to hold for some individuals than regular dental floss
  • Some people may find regular dental floss difficult to hold (i.e. individuals with arthritis)


  • Floss picks only have a short piece of floss
  • People with braces should not use floss picks.


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