Only available in Australia at the moment.

Our Story


When the idea behind “Eco Smile Co” was conceived, our mission was simple "create a product that promotes oral hygiene".

But as we fine-tuned our ideas and refined them through fire “maybe not fire”, a bit too much for an eco-friendly brand, we thought to ourselves we have to be more than the oral dental care company.

We had to be more than just another toothpaste supplier, toothbrush provider, or floss manufacturer.


A bright smile on the face of our very first customer “our founder’s son” gave us the right answer.

How about we become the brand that gives people a reason to always wear a bright smile, and let's do it in an Eco Friendly way?

The way we see it, our only job is to help you smile confidently, whilst ensuring we do our part in keeping our planet healthy.

Hence the ECO SMILE Co brand.

Your smile starts with just one oral care subscription box.